Panasonic PT AE8000E HD-3D Home Cinema Projector

The PT-AE 3D range has been one of our best selling projectors because of the high end performance at a reasonable price. Our CEO has one at home and it has not missed a beat, the build quality also means you’d be very unlucky to get a faulty one. The update has some slight improvements but in general viewing you’d be hard pressed to pick the difference the projector was that good in the first place.

220 Watt Red-Rich Lamp

Allows the AE8000 to pump out some serious brightness without trading off the film like projection quality Panasonic has been renowned for via Smooth Screen technology, using the double refraction property of crystals to arrange pixels on a screen with no gaps between them.


Condenser Lens

Cuts all color that has higher frequency than yellowish-green for pure green Cuts all color beyond yellowish-red for pure red.


Detail Clarity Processor 4

Brightness processor combats brightness over-saturation and improves detail.


3D motion remaster feature.

The diagrams to the right explains the upgrade.

Panasonic have made a real effort to minimise 3D headaches by adjusting frames and parallax so images appear to the viewer in a more natural way.

If you want avoid a trip to the hospital, (or at least feeling like you’ve had a really big night drinking and want to die) do not view a full 3D movie on a single chip DLP projector if you’re “DLP Sensitive“.

3-LCD (Like this model) or 3 chip DLP is a better way to view 3D movies, indeed any.


3D Parallax Adjustment


Feature allows you to check and adjust amount of parallax in the image.

Controls display negative and positive parallax with red and blue color for parallax adjustments.


500,000:1 Contrast Ratio

As per Epson TW6100 8100 9100 claims on CR it’s a load of rubbish.

For starters most 3D glasses are capable of around 1,000:1 CR.

Rather than explain why all over again see our review on “Contrast Ratio“.

It’s just marketing hype so take such massive numbers with a grain of salt.




Plus 2 x 12 volt triggers for automatic projection screens etc.

Brightness 2,400 lm
Resolution Full HD (1,920x 1,080)
Contrast 500:00:01
Lamp 220W
Lens Memory Intelligent Lens Memory (2D/3D)
Optical Axis Shift V: +/- 100%, H: +/- 26%
Noise Level (eco-mode) 22dB
Detail Clarity Processor Detail Clarity Processor 4
3D Remaster Yes
2D- 3D Conversion Yes, with added Frame Creation
3D Lens Memory Yes
3D Viewing Monitor 3 Monitors
3D Zoom/Focus (Powered) Yes
3D Keystone Yes
Picture Memory 7pcs (2D), 7pcs(3D), separate
Gamma Adjustment 15 Points